Now I’m a little conflicted about my feelings with Wild at Heart by KA Tucker

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wild at heart by ka tucker

Wild at Heart by KA Tucker

The Simple Wild #2
August 17, 2023

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  • Small town romance
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Sometimes you don’t even realize you want a book until its release it’s announced.  That’s how I felt when Wild at Heart was announced.  Jonah was one of my favorite grumpy heroes and quickly became a book boyfriend the year The Simple Wild was released.  It was a great story to stand alone but if we could get any more Jonah, my heart was jumping with excitement.  This was one of my most anticipated books of this month for sure.

Now I’m a little conflicted about my feelings with this book.  Things about it that I really enjoyed, and others that I wished would’ve been different.  On one side, I loved being back in Alaska.  The setting is such an important part of these two novels and this one somehow gave us a glimpse of the issues with Alaska that Calla’s mother experienced while Calla herself was trying to navigate living there.  It also introduced us to a new set of people and that introduction was probably my favorite thing about this story.  It’s all about Calla’s growth and the bonds she forms with her new neighbors.  I actually grew to love Sam and how these two connected and helped each other.

But aside from the character journey we see, I also felt like there were too many things about both Calla and Jonah that were lost.  I won’t get into details to keep any spoilers at bay, but I didn’t love how either acted at times (maybe Jonah more than Calla).  But it was sweet to see them get to their more settled HEA.

Sometimes it can be interesting to read about day to day life, but it often bores me. Maybe I would’ve felt different about this story if it had just been a novella?  A lot of the mundane details could’ve been cut while still giving us the message the author wanted to convey I think.  But probably that’s just me.  I’m never big on detailed books.

Overall, I liked some things about this one and others turned me off.  I can’t hold both characters in the same light anymore and I don’t know that I can continue thinking of Jonah as a book boyfriend.  Even if he still made me swoon in this book at first

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