“I am quickly becoming a fan of this series…”
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I am quickly becoming a fan of this series and I’ll tell you why.  Yeah, it’s written by Megan Hart and she’s an awesome writer.  But this is all about the kick ass heroine of this series, Nina Bronson.  I really like how her character is being developed, how she handles the things that are thrown at her.  I just LIKE her!

I don’t want to spoil the first book if you haven’t read it but this is a continuation from that.  Ewan had lied and it resulted in a betrayal that pushed the fledgling relationship he had developed with Nina back to zero.  But now he’s hired her again and their working relationship is much different this time around.  Plus he’s really trying to win her heart again and show her that he is the man for her.

While this could’ve been a bit flat, the world was expanded a bit in this and more conspiracies are unveiled.  The situations that our characters are facing in this book were interesting and kept me on my toes.  For both the immediate result and to figure out the bigger picture and what is yet to come.

But one thing is for certain.  I think Ewan and Nina as a couple have great chemistry, I love seeing them together.  There’s an easy banter while at the same time some simmering sexual tension.  And the added bonus is that I think they also make the perfect team.  They each have the missing pieces of the other.

I was not expecting the curve ball that is thrown at us at the end of this book and it’s certainly left me excited to read the last installment (or at least I think it will be).  I haven’t decided if I think this will make things easier or harder for these two but I can’t wait to see how they’re going to deal with them.


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