“…when it comes to expectations, WICKED ALL NIGHT didn’t meet mine.”

~ Under the Covers

So here I sit, struggling to write this review because I absolutely adore this series and maybe this was one of my least favorite book in the whole thing. That is not to say it’s a bad book, I don’t think Jeaniene Frost can write a bad book. But when it comes to expectations, WICKED ALL NIGHT didn’t meet mine. This pains me to say.

Lets focus on the good first though. One of my favorite things about this series is the witty banter and Ian is the master at that. This book delivered some great one liners and made me chuckle on more than one occasion. Expectation met.

Even though this book has less sexy times than I thought it would, what we got was hot and steamy!  Because, well Ian is just hot as hell. Expectation met. And on a side note on that, there’s a hysterical scene after the sexy time involving a very uncomfortable Cat that you just have to read because it was so funny to see her squirming.

To piggyback on that, I loved seeing some of my old faves make cameos in this book. Teaming up to stop the apocalypse. 

The action is still on point with this book as well but maybe not intense as previous books. I always expect a Jeaniene Frost book to be action packed. But I just didn’t get with the plot and added cast of characters that got thrown into this book. So most of the time I was just uninterested. The deities which are the villains, didn’t inspire fear or hate and just sort of felt very blah to me. Like something new that’s popped up that I wasn’t so invested in nor did I become invested in as the story went on.

And I guess my last complaint was the ending. Couple of things here. I find that this book leaves no loose ends so the Ian and Veritas storyline should be done. However, the ending was so abrupt without actually seeing the happy couple sail off into the sunset like Cat and Bones did and it’s left me a bit disappointed if it is the last or confused if it’s not. I don’t think they need another full book, but I’d like to see them as a happy couple at least once. Maybe a good epilogue.

Now, I saw Ms. Frost talk about her plans to write either a Bones or a Vlad book and I for one will put my vote behind another Vlad book because you can NEVER have too much of your favorite book boyfriend of all time, am I right? But if we have to look at someone new, I’m all for Assael getting some action because the more we know, the more I want to know.

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  1. I loved Ian and am sorry this fell flat. I tried the first Vlad spin-off but I’m just not a huge spin-off fan and could not get into it. I loved him in the Night Huntress books.