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The Andrews team hooks with their characters, then reel you in with the story they are telling you.
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*moments silence*

I needed that, a moment to calm down, take a deep breath and stop squealing about finally getting my hands on White Hot after 2 years. That’s right guys 2 years. When Burn For Me was first released in 2014 I was in love. It was another Ilona Andrews series I could get all hot (pun intended) and bothered about. Making me wait for so long for the next one counts as cruel and unusual punishment.

But was this punishment worth it? Hell. Yeah. I couldn’t put it down, I made myself a little nest and didn’t move until the final page was read. The Andrews team hooks with their characters, then reel you in with the story they are telling you. It isn’t just the main characters that get you, the feisty Nevada, from whose perspective you are reading the book from, is brave and intelligent, and Mad Rogan is all sexiness wrapped with a bite of ruthlessness and brutality. And yet, I want to know all about Nevada’s eccentric but loveable family, about her morally ambiguous boss Augustine and one of Rogan’s newest recruits, Bug. Within the space of one book Andrews has created a whole family that I am eager to get back to.

Andrews has also created a new world set basically in present day, with one massive difference; magic. The familiar and the new all blend together to create an intriguing new Houston where all the power dynamics have shifted. Amidst this we have Nevada, Rogan and bucketful of mystery. This blends to create an exciting story, full of danger, magic, humour all with a dash of romance.

I loved it. Admittedly…there are massive parallels between this series and the Kate Daniels series, so perhaps this isn’t an entirely original idea. However, it is a well written urban fantasy with a solid story and characters that I love. At different points it had me on the edge of me seat, squirming on my seat, and jumping up on my seat…my seat took quite the bashing.

I can’t wait for the next and final book in the Hidden Legacy trilogy to come out, thankfully I won’t have to wait 2 years this time.



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  1. I loved the first as well and can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Suzanne!

  2. I agree with Darynda too! I can’t wait to start this but have an inner battle as to whether I am going to reread Burn For Me so I won’t be lost. I don’t know if I want to take the time so I hope that my mind gets a refresher after these 2 long years!