“It may not have rocked my world but it entertained me for a few hours and I know I would read another Harper book in a heartbeat.  ”
~ Under the Covers

Delivering a rare book to a small town shouldn’t be this hard. However, after a few days trudging in the jungle after her plane has been deliberately crashed, with a vampire she isn’t sure she can trust, Anna Winthrop is coming to the conclusion that the book may be more trouble than it is worth. Especially when she is being chased through the jungle by some angry shifters. But Anna has spent most her life preparing for the worst possible scenarios; however, he facts and figures (as well as her anti anxiety pills, sadly burning merrily in the plane crash) hasn’t quite prepared her for the reality of being so thoroughly out of her element, especially with the aforementioned untrustworthy, yet charming vampire.

It’s not quite right to say once you have read one Molly Harper book, you have read them all. However, there is an element of familiarity with every book I have picked up from her, when I started Where the Wild Things Bite I knew exactly what to expect and there was an element of comfort in that. So, what was expecting when I picked this up? I expected a kooky heroine, check. I expected to laugh, check. I didn’t expect any real danger, check. I expected to have a nice but not explosive romance, check.

The romance in this was a slow build, especially we know that Finn, our untrustworthy vampire is up to no good. But, I enjoyed seeing them both trying to survive in the great outdoors, when they are both completely unsuited to it. I haven’t read all the books in this series, but I believe Finn may have appeared in previous installments, however, I didn’t find it detrimental to read this book without knowing his background, so if you, like me, aren’t completely up to date it can be read as a standalone.

I do keep coming back and reading more Harper, so this is a formula that works for me, it was great to sit back and relax with one of her funny and lighthearted books and enjoy myself. Which, I did. It may not have rocked my world but it entertained me for a few hours and I know I would read another Harper book in a heartbeat.



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  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve enjoyed this series so far except for the most recent novella release.

  2. I’m saving this read to my “to listen to books”. Molly Harper has the best books to listen to thanks to Amanda Ronconi! Harper’s witty writing and Ronconi’s voice and timing of her narrating is not to be missed.