“The chemistry between these two kept me turning the pages and falling in love.  ”
~ Under the Covers

Sexy football player and single mother professional cheerleader?  Yes, please!  This had all the markings for a story I was bound to love and Ms. James delivered on it.

There are two things that stand out about this series.  First is the Lund family unity and dynamics.  I love their mom and how she makes mistakes when speaking English that are so cute and endearing.  I love how most of the siblings or cousins are all up in people’s business (although in real life I would throat punch someone).  There’s just a very sweet and loving vibe to all their interactions and it brings you into their fold.  While you’re reading, you’re family.  That just makes me smile.  And second is the fact that you can get any type of story you are craving for with this series.  Hot construction worker?  Check.  Billionaire business owner that needs to let loose?  Check.  Athletes?  Check, check.  There’s such variety in this series that is always a nice change of pace and I enjoy that a lot.

All that being said, WHEN I NEED YOU is definitely my favorite in the series.  I really connected with both Jensen and Rowan.  He’s not the typical asshole jock and he’s struggling with where his life will go to after his career comes to an end.  And she’s not the stereotype of a cheerleader by any means but still she’s had to fight people’s pre-conceived ideas.  I especially loved Rowan because she’s such a tough cookie.  Left pregnant and alone by her ex boyfriend, she’s dedicated her life to her child but ALSO to pursuing her dreams and being the best in her field.  Being a great coach, pro cheerleader AND a mom.  She’s basically superwoman.  She doesn’t shy away from hard work and doesn’t need anyone.  It was nice to see her slowly let Jensen in and help her.  Her struggles felt realistic and I liked that the pacing of their romance reflected that.  And I absolutely loved how they both broke each others rules completely because they were exactly what they swore they would never fall for.

As you can expect with this series, this is more of a slow burn type of romance but it will still leave you swooning and wanting a Jensen Lund of your own.  The chemistry between these two kept me turning the pages and falling in love.

Now my interest is certainly peaked about a couple of other members of the Lund family and I can’t wait to see more from them in the near future.




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  1. I read Just What I Needed and really loved it – especially Walker!!! The heroine was a little annoying, but not enough for me to not like the book. Anyway, I sooooo need to read more of the series. I’m so glad to hear how wonderful this is. I love sports romances – but especially when the athlete isn’t an asshole!