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“WHAT THE WIND KNOWS is magical.”
~ Under the Covers

We all have favorite authors, and probably for different reasons.  But there are those few special authors that the only way to describe their stories is beautiful, and that’s the power of a story by Amy Harmon.  I was so excited to read this story because it’s the second historical fiction novel I read by her and I just knew it would be special.  I can’t say I’ve read a ton of time travel romance, but as a fan of the TV show Outlander (I know, I should read that but I just won’t), this was the perfect book to hit the spot.

Ms. Harmon manages to craft a story that is full of history and heartache, with romance and family bonds and even a dash of magical realism if you ask me.  Because truly, WHAT THE WIND KNOWS is magical.

The heroine accidentally travels back in time to 1920s Ireland while spreading her grandfather’s ashes there at his request.  She’s very much the picture of her great grandmother who was then believed dead but nobody had been able to confirm that, so when she pops up in that time she takes on that role and pretends to be her.  As she gets to experience history first hand, she also gets to reconnect with her grandfather.  The man who raised her and that she just lost, but who is only a little boy.  And along the way, she also finds true love.

And oh what a beautiful romance this was.  I think this book has everything to satisfy both historical fiction readers and romance readers.  And I can’t help but gush about two things.  The fact that the way both timelines interconnect and things come full circle time and time again, even when it’s only the heroine who knows it.  It was so perfectly crafted.  It was those little details that made the small moments even that more special.  And then the hero.  He’s the quiet and understated type but I fell hard for him.  He’s going on my book boyfriend list, even if he may end up being under appreciated.

In the end, everything about this book was beautiful.  From the writing, to the setting, the family, the history, the characters, the romance.  I was so wrapped up in this world I didn’t want to leave.  And yes, I shed many tears.  Many, many tears.  But I was left with a satisfied smile on my face.  It’s definitely my favorite book I read in February and probably my favorite book I’ve read so far this year.  As always, I can’t wait for what Ms. Harmon will give us next.



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  1. I have an older book from her backlist on my shelf and need to read it, but man, this one is calling to me. I love that you describe it as magical and beautiful, Francesca.