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“… it was so much fun, I now need more books like this!”
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I was excited to give author Corinne Michaels a try since I’ve never read her before, and it’s been a while since I read a good rock star romance.  The fun twist with this one?  It’s about a boy band member who is now a little older and still touring, and one fan that’s reliving her teenage years and her childhood crush by coming to their concert.  She gets to live every teenage fantasy she ever had.  I haven’t read a book that explores this in rock star romances and it was so much fun, I now need more books like this!

First things, lets talk about the characters because they were my favorite thing.  Eli is a little cocky, very determined and was extremely cute when he couldn’t believe that a woman had left him after a one night stand.  He hasn’t consider settling down with anyone like his brother did, and he has his own secrets.  I really loved his generally easy going nature and how persistent he was.  Eli was all kinds of sexy fun.

But I loved Heather.  All her fantasies come true one night and then she wants to go back to her real life, with all responsibilities, her sick sister, and doesn’t want to be swept up by a fairytale.  Because Eli would be just that.  She is the level headed one in this novel, the one that needs to let loose a little and live.  But I also loved that she was a realist in many ways and that just made Eli push harder to get what he wanted.

WE OWN TONIGHT was sweet, funny and sexy but also surprisingly emotional.  I think Corinne Michaels added in some pretty serious elements to their story in a way that didn’t really drag down the story with a ton of angst, just gave it the needed depth.  The writing, the plot, the chemistry… it all came together and worked for me.  I think this is a great read to kick off fall with something sweet and sexy.  Plus it may just be one of your fave heroes of September.  I’m excited to read more books by this author in the future.




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