We Are Not Angels by Nadine Little felt shallow, unexplored and everything was solved so easily

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we are no angels by nadine little

We Are Not Angels by Nadine Little

The Warrior Angels #1
December 15, 2022

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  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Angels
  • Scottish setting 

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When the angels came, everyone rejoiced. Until they started killing everyone. They say we destroyed the Earth, polluting it and depleting it’s natural resources, now it’s time we replenish it: with our blood. With vast swathes of the population dead Maia is barely scraping by in what is left in Edinburgh, Scotland. She scavenges and hides from the angels. Until she is found by an angel with wings as black as night.

I love the premise of this book, it is exciting, unique and has a lot of potential for a dark, sexy post-apocalyptic paranormal romance series. What I didn’t love was the execution. It felt shallow, unexplored and everything was solved so easily and quickly that it seemed to trivialise the whole underpinning of the book. Something I found frustrating as the small amount of world building and background were the most interesting thing about this book.

What could have been an exciting series was turned into a fairly forgettable paranormal romance that will no doubt be added to the legions of other mediocre books that I have forgotten about. I know I am sounding a bit too salty; I was just so excited to read this and was so very disappointed.

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