Wake Me Most Wickedly by Felicia Grossman is a twisty Snow White retelling featuring a charming businessman, a tough pawnshop owner, and a slow-burn grumpy-sunshine romance you won’t want to miss.

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Wake Me Most Wickedly by Felicia Grossman

Wake Me Most Wickedly by Felicia Grossman

Once Upon the East End #2
April 9, 2024

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  • Older heroine
  • Class differences
  • Jewish representation

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This clever Snow White retelling flips the script, with the hero, Solomon Weiss, as Snow White and the heroine, Hannah Moses, as his rescuer. Solomon, a charming businessman, finds himself saved by Hannah, a tough pawnshop owner who’s older than him and not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Sol is all about finding a respectable wife to repay the half-brother who raised him. But then Hannah steps in, and he’s instantly drawn to her. She’s had a rough life and built a thick skin after being shunned by her own community, so it takes some work for Sol to break through. Their dynamic is almost a reverse grumpy-sunshine trope: Sol is more idealistic and ready to go with the flow, while Hannah is guarded and cautious.

The romance between them is a slow burn, simmering against a backdrop of mystery and danger. I would’ve liked to see the mystery element explored more, as it sometimes felt dismissed/minimized or overshadowed by the romance. But overall, their relationship felt like a perfect blend of personalities, with Sol’s optimism complementing Hannah’s rough edges. They are opposites in every way!

Even if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, I haven’t, I think you can jump right into this one without feeling lost.

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