“It’s always a good sign when you pick up a book…and then what seems like 5 minutes later you are on the last page.”
~ Under the Covers

Donata has had a really trying time recently. What with with one ex-boyfriend storming out of her life and disappearing and forced to murder the man she was dating after he tried to impregnate her with magical babies. Either with or without her consent. She could do with some time away. So, when Magnus, her friend, former boyfriend and Ulfhednar shifter turns up and asks her for help with a small ghost problem they are having in his small secluded town she decides to go along. Odin, their usually attentive god, seems to have abandoned the Ulfhednar in their time of need and tension is high, especially by bringing in an outsider to help. But, an outside perspective could be what they need, especially as the most logical explanations for the ghostly phenomenon seems to involve someone from within the Ulfhednar.

It’s always a good sign when you pick up a book…and then what seems like 5 minutes later you are on the last page. This is exactly what happened to me with Veiled Enchantments. There could be a few reasons for this, it is a short book, barely grazing 250 pages, but I think the main reason was because I was really enjoying the story, the characters and most especially the romance.

This book felt like more of a paranormal mystery than an urban fantasy novel. Donata goes into a small town and has to solve the case where ghosts pop up at the more inopportune and dangerous times. Who could it be!? Some nasty outside force? Or an unknown and mystery person within the tight knit community?! Read to find out. I also liked the characters this book presented, mainly that of Magnus’ family, they injected a lot of warmth to Veiled Enchantments and added to that cozy mystery feeling.

What I liked best about this though, as much as I liked trying to guess whodunit, was the romance. This series so far has had a bit of a love triangle going on and I thought Magnus was out of the game. Ho! How wrong I was! Magnus really shone in this book, he was gorgeous and thoughtful and Donata wasn’t the only one falling in love. So, if you like your urban fantasy/mystery books to be strong on the romance front this is definitely for you.

I don’t know if this is the conclusion to this series – the book had that feel – if it is, it would be a great place to stop. If not, I would be equally pleased. I like the characters in this series and each book has had a great mix of action, mystery and romance. I recommend any urban fantasy and mystery fans to pick this series up, it won’t disappoint. spacer

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  1. Sounds good, I wish they were in audio but my library does have the ebooks so that’s a plus.