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“UNTIL IT FADES is such a charmingly sweet story that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Slow burn romance done to perfection.”
~ Under the Covers

I had this book in my list of most anticipated books of 2017. But as we knew more about it, and probably the fact it was classified as a new adult novel, I had lost some of my interest.  I went into reading it with the expectation it may not do it for me.  No, I hadn’t read any other early reviews really.  It was just a gut feeling.

So now here I am proven completely wrong.  UNTIL IT FADES is such a charmingly sweet story that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Slow burn romance done to perfection.  In fact, the thing that worried me about the fact that it’s a new adult novel was a non-issue.  While both of these characters ARE very young, they are both so mature.  Catherine forced to mature by circumstances and life, Brett because of his focus and commitment to his career and passion.

So while I don’t want to bore you recapping what this book is about, just know this.  Catherine had a rough go of it as a teenager and has had to take a lot of criticism from her whole small town.  She also became pregnant at a very young age and has been trying her best to raise her precocious little daughter with her GED education and the help of some good people.  One night while driving home she saves a man from a burning car after an accident.  This man turns out to be a living hockey legend.  The friendship and connection that comes from that is endearing and EVERYTHING I wanted to read right now.

Catherine and Brett are adorable together.  Chemistry and banter.  Whether they admit to their feelings or not, I loved their interactions.  How their connection moves from a quick one because of the event how they met, to a friendship and then to deeper feelings.  While it should’ve seemed too quick, I think it was done so well that I forgot to worry about how much time had passed and just worried more about how good they fit, and the ease with which they were together.

This is something sweet and light which is a change for what I’ve come to expect from this author because of her previous work.  But she proves that she’s an amazing writer no matter what she’s going for.  This was one of my favorite reads this month and I can’t wait to read more books by Ms. Tucker.  I’ve learned my lesson to not worry about what she’s writing and just pick it up expecting to enjoy.


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  1. Well, I can only get one entry for this one but, better than none! I like the fact that you say it’s light and sweet. Sometimes I need a break from the hot and heavy!!!! Sounds like a really good read!