“UNTAMED COWBOY was ultimately a sweet story.”
~ Under the Covers

I think this was my first Maisey Yates book but I’ve been tempted to pick up her books for years now.  In my quest for trying to read cowboy romances this year, I couldn’t pass this one up.  I absolutely adored the premise of UNTAMED COWBOY.  Kaylee and Bennett have been best friends since high school.  They went to college together, both became veterinarians and now own a practice together back in their small town.  Kaylee’s crush is now a full blown obsession but Bennett has never seen her as anything more than his best friend.  But now it’s time for things to change or for Kaylee to move on with her life.

I’ll be honest, there were some bumps along the way for me.  I found some parts of the writing to be repetitive and I also thought that Bennett could come off as a bit of an asshole at times.  I guess he’s a typical clueless man but that also made me feel like he didn’t really see Kaylee as a love interest and maybe the outcome was out of convenience?  Obviously I didn’t feel like that all the time, but he did have his moments where I wasn’t so in love with him when it came to the relationship aspect.  What I did love about this was Dallas.  Bennett gets an unexpected surprise sometime into the book and everything about how that shook his life was so adorably sweet.  I loved how Dallas connected with Kaylee and how he fit into the family.

The one thing about cowboy romances, or any small town romance, is the family aspect.  The Dodge family is the perfect example of that.  This is the kind of thing that I love to read about in the summer!  The siblings are all different but you can feel the unity and the love.  They’re there for each other but also bust each others’ balls.

UNTAMED COWBOY was ultimately a sweet story.  Untamed?  I’m not sure if the title really fit.  I found Bennett to be the most bland out of the brothers without much needing to be tamed about him.  But while I can’t say I have much love for the hero, he did grow on me and I was happy to get to their HEA.  Will I continue with the series?   I could be tempted to read about another sexy cowboy from the Dodge family for sure because I thought Wyatt and Grant definitely have lots of potential.  We shall see.



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  1. His character seems like he might ruin the story for me. I don’t like the idea of not being sold on the romance by all involved.