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“What a roller coaster of emotions Ms. Sheehan took us on and I loved every heart-breaking second of it.”
~ Under the Covers

There really isn’t much to say that I haven’t said already about how this series makes me feel.  It breaks my heart open for these characters and their lives every single time.  Going into UNDESERVING we knew this wouldn’t have a happy ending.  If you are not aware of that, you may want to keep that in mind.  This isn’t really a “romance” story.

We’ve known Preacher throughout this series as a hard ass and an asshole but such an important part of these books.  Loving father to Eva, scary ruler of the Silver Demons and one of the only men that can put the fear of God into Deuce.  But love wasn’t really ever part of his life.  Now, dying of cancer, it’s time for him to tell Eva, and all of us, what his life was really like and the love he had and lost.  And as much as I thought I was prepared for this, I really wasn’t.  I thought I didn’t care for him, but I really did.  In the end I have this newfound love for him, and sadness for the unfairness of his life.  Because he should’ve lived a different life, he should’ve had his HEA, he shouldn’t have had to go through all he did… but life had other plans.  And that’s another reason why I love this series.  It just keeps it real.  It’s very rarely roses and butterflies like other romances.  Bad guys are still bad guys, and bad things can and do happen.

The wait for Preacher’s story was long, as we all know if we’ve been following along from the beginning.  As a long time fan I can tell you it was so worth it.  This story definitely does him justice.  I fell in love with the boy he was, with the girl he loved, with the people he lost, with the ones that stood by him, and surprisingly with the man he became.  Tragic and beautiful in so many broken ways.

I don’t want to tell you much about the story.  Just go in and experience it.  This wasn’t an easy story to read because it’s so raw and gritty.  A lot of bad things happen, to the point I couldn’t help but wonder why he never could catch a break.  But that’s just Ms. Sheehan’s way.  And it’s the way of the life of the Club.  Madeline Sheehan proves that she still is the queen of biker romance.  This isn’t a sub-genre I like to explore much myself, but when I do this is my go to because no one does it better.

This book and these characters got woven into my mind and into my heart.  I’m still crying over it all.  What a roller coaster of emotions Ms. Sheehan took us on and I loved every heart-breaking second of it.  Quite frankly I started crying at around 2% and then continued quite a bit all-throughout until I finished and my eyes were swollen.  Now, my masochist heart can’t wait to finally get ZZ’s story in the next installment, UNDYING.

Favorite quote:

“It ain’t gonna be easy,” he continued, “But I know you, Eva, and you’re gonna be just fine.  You know how I know?”
I looked up to find his eyes on me. “How?”
A corner of his mouth lifted. “‘Cause I’m gonna make damn sure of it.”




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  1. I HAVE to read this. I don’t always need a happy ending. Sometimes it is necessary to suffer along with the characters. In a way, it makes me appreciate the good times more.