“The feeling of friendship that the team has keeps me coming back for more every time.”
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This series was one of my surprisingly exciting discoveries this year.  I love the playfully sexy and sometimes sweet feel that this hockey romance series has and I’ve gobbled them up quite quickly for me. 🙂  In this new installment we have another very original storyline.  Joe isn’t the star of the team, in fact he’s considering it may be time for him to hang the skates and retire.  He can’t skate as fast as the young up and coming newbies and he’s just been having a little bit of a rougher year.

In the midst of that two things happen.  He’s assigned as the mentor to one of those newbies and has him move in with him for the season, and he gets a call from a theater actress about a charity thing.  An actress he just happened to have seen on stage and thought she was extremely hot.

As much as Joe and Christine are almost polar opposites on many aspects, there’s still plenty that they connect through.  It was fun to see Joe in this starring role because he’s not like the previous heroes in the series.  Definitely more serious, straight forward and laid back.  A little bit less daring and adventurous.  He’s just a regular guy and that was a nice change of pace.  Not the hero that you wonder who could handle.  Christine on the other hand filled that role.  She gets a very big part to be in a TV series and Joe has to deal with some of that fame.  Some in good ways, some in bad.

Nonetheless, I found these two didn’t quite sizzle like the prior couples in the series. Although I liked them and liked their story, there wasn’t anything that kept me invested in them as characters.  I am very interested in the side story character on this one.  They have some sweet moments and some emotional struggles both together and apart.  CJ, the newbie Joe is mentoring, has plenty to learn about life and his career.  I can’t wait for him to get a book, hopefully soon.

The feeling of friendship that the team has keeps me coming back for more every time.  It’s so much fun to see these big bad athletes care about the well being of their fellow players, more as if they are family than co-workers or friends.  I absolutely love their dynamics!  The ending of this book was brilliant.  Didn’t quite wrap up with the gloom that I was expecting.  It definitely put a smile on my face.




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