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“The love/hate dynamic between these two made it impossible to look away.  I couldn’t put this down.  ”
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If you’ve read MY BEST FRIEND’S EX, you may want to add TWISTED TWOSOME to your TBR.  While these aren’t a series, they are in the same world and group of friends.  And they are adorable romantic comedies that will put a smile on your face.

TWISTED TWOSOME finds Racer McKay, a construction worker very much down on his luck financially after his father passed away and he’s left with the medical bills.  He’s working himself to the bone and can’t make ends meet, and maybe inherited a bit of a broody attitude from all of that as well.  That broody attitude is aimed at Georgiana, the daughter of one of his very rich clients, while he’s working on their pool.  But there’s more to Georgiana than what Racer thinks, and when she’s in desperate need of construction help he may be her only choice.

Let me tell you, the sparks were flying right from the beginning with these two.  There’s something incredibly fun about their banter, even when they’re trying to antagonize the other.  The love/hate dynamic between these two made it impossible to look away.  I couldn’t put this down.

The situations these two got themselves into where hilarious and you can’t help but laugh out loud at times.  That is always something you can guarantee with Ms. Quinn’s books and this one delivered on that in a big way.  A lot of that was made even better by Racer’s personality.  Once you get past the issues he’s dealing with that have made him a little (or a lot) grouchy, there’s this fun guy with basically no inhibitions and who you’ll just have a good time with.  I adore him.

Romantic comedy fans will be sure to flock to this one.  TWISTED TWOSOME was fun, cute, sexy, and laugh out loud hilarious.  I need more!



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