“Regardless of whether the books are light or dark, [Foster] always has some amazing heroes to fall in love with and Tru is no exception.”
~ Under the Covers

In this standalone novel by Melissa Foster, she takes a much darker route with Truman Gritt’s story. Fresh out of jail, Tru is surprised to discover that he has two young siblings when his mother dies unexpectedly. With no one to turn, Tru struggles to give these two children the happy childhood that they deserve. His past isn’t a good one so there’s quite a lot of obstacles he must face, but at the same time, it’s very clear that Tru isn’t a terrible man.

Gemma, our heroine, immediately picks up on that. I liked Gemma. She’s very sweet and loving, but I did think she was an usual girl. I say this because once she catches sight of Tru in a Walmart, struggling to buy diapers, food and the like for his siblings, she goes over and helps him. This is nice and all but I would never expect that to happen in real life. Gemma is very much a kid-lover but even then, it does seem a little bit far-fetched for her to go out of her way to do that for a total stranger.

However, I understand that if this wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be a story or a romance here. That being said, I did think there was a bit of instalove and quite of a lot of glossing over things that I think a lot of other people would have an problem with or find odd about Tru’s character and the situation he is in. But once you get over that, it’s a very fast read. That’s how I feel about all of Melissa Foster’s books. They can easily be read within an hour and I definitely devoured this one quickly.

As you can probably guess, this book is far more darker in tone than Foster’s other books. I think it works for the storyline, but overall, I still prefer the light and fluffy ones because I feel like that’s what Foster does best. However, regardless of whether the books are light or dark, she always has some amazing heroes to fall in love with and Tru is no exception.




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