The new True Blood season is finally here!!!  How I love summer Sunday nights!  After last night’s premiere episode I was also able to watch Episode 2 through HBOGO and here’s what I thought of the new season so far.

10 Things I Liked About the Premiere:

  1. Eric!!!!  Still hot and badass.  I loved when he was being interviewed for an ad (in the show) and he said he serves humans (and not for dinner)  You can serve me any day!!
  2. Pam.  I love her!  She’s funny, she’s sarcastic, and she looked damn well with her leather pants.
  3. Jason was kinda sexy with his new sheriff uniform, goatee, and take charge attitude.
  4. Jesus looked HOT!
  5. There was a lot of humor in the show.  I was literally laughing.  Pam and her comment to Sookie… “Wer are friends now?  Do we go to a book club together?” or something.  And when that random drunk was asking Tara and her girlfriend to get it on and said “Chocolate banana swirl”.
  6. Loved the ending of Ep # 1, and without giving you any spoilers, LOVED the ending of Ep # 2.
  7. Eric buying Sookie’s house!!  HAHAHA 😉  He owns you now!  But he can own me anytime!
  8. Tara looked really good!  I was surprised by the ultimate fighting thing, and that she has a girlfriend!  I have a feeling they’re going to make Tara into Amelia’s book character.
  9. If you thought Ep # 1 was very sexual or had a lot of nudity, be prepared for Ep # 2.  Now what does a girl have to do around here to see a naked Viking getting it on?  I’m tired of looking at everyone else!
  10. Hotshot! LMAO They are a bunch of weird ones!  And Jason is sooooo dumb.  Yeah, let me jump in this cooler to see what’s wrong. Poor baby!  He’s going to get bit!

10 Things I Didn’t:

  1. Bill.  Or should I say King Bill.  He needs to die!!!!  Who made him King in the first place?  And what the hell was up with his hair?  Well, speaking of hair, what the hell was up with Eric’s hair?  Did they fire the male stylists?
  2. Jessica.  What the hell is up with her!?!?!?  Hoyt is so sweet, she needs to take care of him.
  3. The fae fiasco.  WTH???  I wasn’t sure I was watching an episode of True Blood for a bit at the beginning.
  4. Grandaddy Earl coming over to this plane with her and then dying.  Was that really necessary?
  5. Sometimes Alan Ball deviations from the books are for good, and sometimes not.  I don’t think I like where he’s going with the evil baby storyline.
  6. The witch covenant people are kinda lame.  They were supposed to be more kick ass.  Thank God for Lafayette.
  7. Sam’s new shifter friends.  Dinner parties for shifters?  Really?  At least we get to meet Luna.
  8. Tommy and Hoyt’s mother…. That’s just eeewwwwwww.
  9. NOT ENOUGH ERIC!  I’m just happy there’ll be lots of him in Ep #3 I’m sure! Can’t wait.
  10. NO ALCIDE!!!!! Even though I expected that, since the werewolves are not part of Book 4 until later.  But I need some hot werewolf action!
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