“…a fun historical mystery romp with murderous machines, old Hollywood glamour and a little romance. ”
~ Under the Covers

Former trapeze artist Amalie Vaughn has moved to Burning Cove and opened a guesthouse hoping for a fresh start after a terrifying and scandalous ordeal . However, it seems her bad luck has followed her when her one and only guest is killed in a spectacular fashion. Investigating the case is Matthias Jones. However, Matthias isn’t a detective, in fact rumour has it his past leans more towards the criminal. However, their attraction is immediate and as the mystery deepens the danger pushes them closer and closer together.

This cover. I already knew I was going to read this book as I’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series, but seeing that beautiful cover really cinched it. However, we all know a beautiful covers doesn’t necessarily make a great book. Tightrope didn’t fall in to that trap. It was a fun historical mystery romp with murderous machines, old Hollywood glamour and a little romance.

This book can be read as a standalone, it just means that you won’t know the background of some of the background characters. However, to understand the mystery and the romance, you can dive straight into this book. The mystery was a lot of fun. An inventor is showcasing a mechanical man, which then proceeds to murder him on stage during the demonstration. However, the inventor is caught up in more than just making robots. He has in his possession an enigma machine. A machine that goes missing after his death. A machine the murderer will go to any lengths to get back. It was a really great mystery and I enjoyed investigating alongside Amalie and Matthias, it was a tense ride.

It wasn’t just murder that brought tension to the book, Amalie and Matthias had great chemistry and sexual tension. From the moment they met you could feel their attraction and it only grew as the book went on. This was a really great read. It combined mystery and romance very well leaving the reader satisfied on both fronts. If you want to read something light and fun with a spot of murder I recommend giving this book a try.


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