“THROWN BY A CURVE is one of those books that leaves you with a happy feeling when you turn the last page.” ~Under the Covers

I have come to expect the focus of a PLAY BY PLAY story to be on the sexy, THROWN BY A CURVE switched up the roles and it became more about the sweet story.

Garrett Scott plays for the same baseball team as Gavin Riley.  Except he’s not playing right now, due to an injury that has left his throwing arm needing some physical therapy if he hopes to get back on the mound.  He’s   His cocky, know-it-all, stubborn attitude is not helping his recovery.  At least not with his current team of therapists.  That is until he decides to leave his recovery in the hands of the newest member of the team, and Gavin’s cousin, Alicia Riley.

Alicia is just what Garrett needs, both for his physical recovery and to soften his tough guy exterior and be happy.  She is an understated heroine compared to some of the previous ones in this series, but that doesn’t make her less strong.  But she’s also fun to be around.  The type of girl you just can’t help but like and want to be friends with.

Garrett and Alicia worked together all the time in his recovery, but even though they spent a lot of time together, they didn’t get together right away.  That was really the only way the story could go, the focus had to be on his recovery and on them really getting to know each other.  Otherwise, we might’ve ended up with a hot fling.  They really had the time to develop feelings for each other, after they got to know each other well.

Just like Garrett, who is sexy as hell, we are introduced to another group of sexy athletes.  Now that the Riley family in dwindling, fresh blood is introduced to keep this series going.  All I can tell you is, I’m ready to read about Garrett’s college buddies.

The conflict in this book was perfect and real, the romance was sweet, the hero was drool worthy.  THROWN BY A CURVE is one of those books that leaves you with a happy feeling when you turn the last page.  And then the only thing you can feel is impatient for the next one to come out already!

Favorite Quotes:

“He might be pretty on the outside, but she had thoughts of running for the duct tape to slap over his mouth whenever he showed up for therapy.”

“There’s s lot you don’t know about me, Miss Riley.”

“If the person you fall in love with is worth it, you’ll move mountains to make it work.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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