“It felt more purposeful and direct.”
~ Under the Covers

So I know what you’re thinking… what are you doing reading this series again, Annie? The answer is…well, perhaps I enjoy this series more than I thought. Although my previous reviews of these books tend to be a little wishy-washy, I always find myself picking up these books whenever a new one is released. I think some of the charm that lies within it is that it really is a slow-paced series, which is great, especially when you’re life is as busy as mine. It’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the quiet time that I so rarely get.

Although the majority of the books tend to have a slow pace, I found that THREAD ON ARRIVAL does have more suspense to it. I think that is because the murder is a stabbing. It felt more purposeful and direct rather than poisoning or the victim falling to his death or something like that. With the stronger intention, it create more intrigue.

BUT if you’re a big fan of the slow and steadiness of this series, fear not. It’s still very much there, but perhaps the author is trying to add something a little different to her books. It’s a fun book and I think if you’re a Cozy fan, this one will be enjoyable to read.


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