Unravel the explosive finale of the This Man series in This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas, where dark secrets surface and passion reigns in a tumultuous conclusion.

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This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man #3
July 2, 2013

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  • High-stakes drama
  • Protector hero
  • Intense romance and passion

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This is it…the end of the series and Wow…what a ride!

The story starts off only two weeks after Beneath This Man and if you’ve read that, you know what is happening. It is wonderful and…sooo beautiful. And then we get some Jesse confessions but we all knew it was coming. Even though Ava had a good idea, she still comes unglued and rightfully so.

They separate ~again~ and that leads to more drama ~again~ but now we have someone who is after Ava. Naturally, Jesse flips out and unbelievable things take an even worse turn. *It’s scenes like this that make me keep reading this series.* Because just when things seem bleak, something wonderful comes out of it.

There’s even more confessions and we finally get to know *supposedly* all of Jesse’s secrets and boy, are there some doozies! I would love to spill them all but I won’t do that to you. 😉

This series is not for everyone though. It is over the top and ridiculous and never in a million years would I ever stand for someone like Jesse in real life but it does make for an interesting story.

The crazy thing ~for me~ wasn’t even the over the top stuff…it was all the secrets. Mainly from Jesse but Ava kept things from Jesse as well. It’s funny because in the beginning, it seems as if she’s the normal one but the more we find out, the more we realize how similar they are. And just when you think all the secrets are out…there’s more!

Of course, there is ton of hot sex…I mean, we are talking about Jesse and he is very creative. The good thing is that even though they still name their types of sex (Love Sleepy Twilight Sex), the desperation is gone and they are truly making love. Don’t worry…there’s still plenty of passion and some rough and hard stuff!

And we do get a lot of answers. We find out about Sarah and Coral and Ruth and if Kate stays with Sam or if she goes with Dan? And who is Sally dating and finally, what in the heck is going on with Mikael!

I was shocked at some of the answers and not surprised at others. I love what Jesse did with The Manor and The Ava Wall. But…my favorite, favorite thing was the epilogue…that was quite lovely and what a great way to end the series!

Favorite quotes:

♥ “It was made to love you, Ava. For too long it was useless, redundant, not required. Now it’s gone into overdrive. It swells with happiness when I look at you. It splinters with pain when we fight. And it beats wildly when I make love to you. Maybe I go overboard with my love, but that’s never going to change. I’ll love you this fiercely until the day I die, baby.”

♥ “Central Jesse Cloud Nine.”

♥ “Constant contact. Wherever, whenever.”

♥ “I love our normal.”

♥ “I don’t demand to see her eyes anymore. I don’t need to check she’s real. As long as my heart keeps beating, I’ll know that she is.”

An excerpt from This Man Confessed

I’m relishing in the calmness and quiet as I swim length after length, no one joining me, no one venturing in to use the Jacuzzis, and no one coming to relax on a sun lounger. But then I hear movement, and I stop mid-length to see who has arrived. My eyes flick to the entrance of the changing area, and then Jesse emerges, wearing a loose pair of black swimming shorts. I sigh in appreciation, and he blasts me with his smile, before diving straight in, his body stretching out, making minimal noise or splash as he slips below the surface. I float in the middle of the pool and watch the shadow of his tall body approaching me under water until he’s right in front of me, but he remains submerged.

Then I feel his palm wrap around my ankle, and I squeal as I’m yanked under the water, just catching a lungful of air before I disappear, my eyes naturally clenching shut. His lips meet mine, his arms surrounding me, and he rolls us around under the water, our skin slipping all over each other, our tongues dancing wildly.

This is nice, but I’m rubbish at holding my breath, and he must be gasping for air, having been down here a lot longer than me. I pinch him to indicate my depleting breath, and my lungs scream a thank you when we surface, my legs clenching around his waist and my arms around his shoulders. I try to grab a hold of my bearings and attempt to open my eyes, and when I do, I’m greeted by a dirty great big grin. I know he can’t touch the bottom himself, so he must me treading water frantically with my dead weight clinging to him. You would never know it, though. He looks like he’s just floating effortlessly in front of me.

I push his wet hair from his face and match his grin. ‘You closed the pool, didn’t you?’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He shifts me around to his back and starts swimming to the side. ‘It’s never busy at this time of day.’

‘I don’t believe you.’ I rest my chin on his shoulder. ‘You couldn’t stand the thought of me in a bikini and others seeing it. Admit I’m right.’ I’ve got my Lord worked out.

He reaches the edge of the pool and pulls me from his back, pushing me up against the side. ‘I love the thought of you in a bikini.’

‘But for your eyes only?’

‘I’ve told you before, Ava. I don’t share you with anyone or anything, not even their eyes,’ He slides his hands down my sides and onto my thighs. ‘Just for my touch,’ he whispers. It makes me immediately clench my thighs as he leans in and kisses me gently before scanning my face. ‘Just for my eyes.’ His finger slips into the side of my bikini bottoms, and I hold my breath as he strokes me softly. ‘Just for my pleasure, baby. I know you understand me, don’t you?’

‘I do,’ I shift in front of him and drape my arms over his shoulders.

‘Good. Kiss me.’

I dive right in and show my appreciation with a long, hot, passionate kiss that draws a low moan from each of us. His hands shift to my waist, his big palms circling me completely as he holds me tight, and we kiss for the longest time – there in the middle of the pool, just me and him, drowning in each other, consuming each other, loving each other.

Celebrating the conclusion of the series with Jodi Ellen Malpas in NYC

We had the amazing opportunity to host a get together with author Jodi Ellen Malpas, organized in collaboration with Forever Romance, in NYC.

Tea Party in NYC with Jodi Ellen Malpas

Tea Party in NYC with Jodi Ellen Malpas.  Photo by Kimberly Rocha.

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