This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan is a heartfelt exploration of resilience and love. Soledad’s journey of healing, beautifully penned by Ryan, unfolds alongside a tender slow-burn romance with Judah, showcasing the power of supportive love. It’s a rich, emotional tale that’s about much more than romance.

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This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Skyland #2
March 5, 2024

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  • Strong female friendships
  • Women persevering
  • Single parent
  • Slow burn romance

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There is something so special about a Kennedy Ryan book. Any time I pick one up, I know I’m going to be taken on an emotional journey like none other. Her poetic prose and written craft are incredibly unique and I love how she pulls out emotion, steam, and character growth through her words. Ryan makes so many interesting choices to help tell the story. There were twists I didn’t see coming and I enjoyed that the timeline was long (over a year goes by throughout the book), allowing for character growth.

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan is not a typical, formulaic romance. While there is romance (and it’s hot), the book focuses heavily on Soledad’s healing journey and her fight to stand on her own two feet after her life is upended. Soledad is a strong, independent woman who would do anything for her children. But even though she’s strong, she still has flaws and self-doubt, which was incredibly relatable. She doesn’t need saving – she can do that on her own. However, throughout the book, she learns that she can have a true partner beside her to help ease whatever comes.

Who knew an accountant could be so sexy? Judah was such an amazing hero. He’s patient, principled, and selfless. I loved seeing how he co-parented with his ex, particularly with his two neurodiverse children. The portrayal of their blended family was heartwarming. His acts of love for Soledad were thoughtful and he backs his words up with his actions. A man that will wait for you to find yourself? Utter perfection. 

The chemistry in this book was off the charts. Who knew the back of a truck bed could be so hot? This one was a slow burn, but so worth the wait. I loved that we were given an unconventional HEA, where Soledad and Judah found love on their own terms, not by society’s standards. 

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