“If you are in need of something quick that will pick up your mood and get you ready for your next read look no further…”
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I have come to love getting these short novellas from Whitney G.   For one, I always know I can expect a hot alpha man.  And second, who doesn’t enjoy a quick little treat in between reads that they can just gobble up and will leave them with a smile on their face?  THIRTY DAY BOYFRIEND delivered on both those things.

Nicholas is a very successful man in Wall Street and Emily has been his executive assistant for two years.  She still has a few years to go on her contract but she just can’t take working for the demanding ass one minute longer so she tries to get a position elsewhere.  When she keeps hitting roadblocks in her desperate attempts to leave, Nicholas comes with a crazy proposition.  He needs to appear as a family man and what better way than having a fiance while he closes a deal.  Emily only needs to act as his fiance for 30 days, after that she’ll have her freedom from her job and a nice little bonus check.  Easy, peasy.

I honestly loved the chemistry and banter between these two.  They really kept the story moving forward and kept me wanting to know when they would finally act on their obvious attraction to each other!  What I found a bit repetitive was the overall setup of this novella.  If you’ve read some of Ms. Whitney G.’s other Steamy Coffee Collections you may understand where I’m coming from.  This was a little twist on the setup but there were so many similarities in the power play between the characters and even their personalities that I just had some deja vu moments.  And that probably took away some of the enjoyment in this one for me.

If you are in need of something quick that will pick up your mood and get you ready for your next read look no further, though.  I always enjoy these stories and anxiously await the next one, and maybe hold out hope that the author will explore some different setups.



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