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“This is an addictive story and once I started, I didn’t want to put it down.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out.  It came highly recommended by a trusted friend and I just knew it was going to right up my alley.  One thing was clear from the moment I started.  This is an addictive story and once I started, I didn’t want to put it down.

Let me clear up first that single father romances, especially when they involve the nanny, are sort of one of my weaknesses.  If you add in a great family feel and a small town, I’m sold!  And that’s exactly what you will get here.  But there’s an emotional undertone that creeps up on you and makes this story go a little deeper and pull at strings you weren’t expecting.

Nicole finds out on her wedding day, at the altar, that her fiance had gotten her twin sister pregnant.  Needless to say she runs out of there and spends her “would-be” wedding night in another town she’s escaped to using her twin’s identity, getting drunk and having an almost one night stand with a hot stranger.  The opportunity falls in her lap to assume her twin’s identity even further and take the job she was supposed to start as a nanny for a widower.  Returning home to her small town after her embarrassment just isn’t something she’s ready to face yet.  But that hot stranger from the other night turns out to be her new boss and now their relationship starts on a lie.

I really felt bad for Nicole.  She’s really never found herself and it took a pretty big life shake-up for that to happen.  Her twin has always been the “bright” one, the center of attention, and Nicole was always in the shadows.  I loved how the whole Jackson family takes her in and she’s able to come out of her shell in that environment.

Plus there’s the chemistry.  Nicole and Ethan have chemistry for days!  I’m partial to a grumpy hero and Ethan can be grumpy often, but it’s so endearing.  It was rewarding seeing the walls come down and I just wanted to get a little bit more every time.

I’m totally fascinated with the Jackson boys and I honestly almost started book 2 right away because I was so excited for the setup of that book.  I’ll be reading it soon!  The only one I’m apprehensive to read is the romance involving Nicole’s twin, Veronica.  I’m not one to forgive and forget and I don’t know how the author will redeem her in my eyes.

If you like small town romances with a heavy dose of family you may want to try this series!



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  1. I love this book so much that searched the internet just to find a place i could chat about it!!!