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“If you need the perfect book with a touch of Halloween but with all the romance feels, pick this up.”
~ Under the Covers

I was initially attracted to this book because of the pretty cover, plus it’s a debut novel!  I knew immediately it had to be included in my lineup of ghostly and atmospheric books to read this fall.  And while this delivered great things in that atmosphere I was expecting, it also gave me a new book boyfriend to add to my list of swoony good guy heroes.  Ladies, you have to meet Sam Moore.

This story is about Alva, a recent widow who’s come to America and bought a house with the intention of renovating it and publishing her design and decor ideas in a book using her “popularity” in the scandal sheets to do it.  They say she’s a whore, that she cheated on her husband with so many men and had debauched parties.  Even her family won’t talk to her.  But she’s closed off to all that gossip and just wants to secure her financial future doing something that has some meaning to her.  Except that the house she’s purchased is haunted and now no one wants to work there.  So she enlists the help of sexy scientist Sam Moore, who has a passion for the paranormal and ghosts, to come and prove the rumors wrong.

While this story is about a haunted house, it’s not very scary and I think also not very spooky.  It does have the right setting but if you’re looking for truly spooky this is very light.  That being said, the romance!  OMG this book is all about that romance.  I fell head over heels with Sam Moore from the very first time we meet him and the more we see from him, the more I swooned.  Sam is just too adorable and such a good guy, a little beta, and really everyone’s perfect guy. Go out and get this because Sam Moore is everything!

I have to say that Diana Biller really has a great debut here.  THE WIDOW OF ROSE HOUSE is a character driven story that really kept me interested ’til the end.  If you need the perfect book with a touch of Halloween but with all the romance feels, pick this up.


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  1. I requested an ARC of this because I thought it was going to be gothic. It really wasn’t, more just a great romance with some light paranormal elements, and I loved both Sam and Alva. Great debut for the author!