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“…it still packs all the gothic atmosphere and a great romance as well.”
~ Under the Covers

Hester Fox was one of my favorite debut authors I read in 2018 and I was highly anticipating this release.  Honestly, it didn’t disappoint.  While it may be a little less creepy than the previous book by her, it still packs all the gothic atmosphere and a great romance as well.

The recluse widow Sophy seems to be the target of strange occurrences in the small town of Pale Harbor.  Everyone thinks she’s a witch and that she killed her husband and she hasn’t left her castle since that moment.  But when those occurrences seem to be tied to the gruesome work of the writer Poe and they escalate in danger, she knows she must do something to solve this.  She finds an ally in the town’s new minister, Gabriel Stone.  He has secrets of his own and has come to Pale Harbor to honor the memory of his dead wife, but Sophy has enchanted him and he can’t stay away from her.

The pacing of this book may start a little slow but there’s a simple way this story weaves into you and keeps you turning the pages.  At some point, I just couldn’t put it down.  Now the mystery wasn’t all that I was expecting and while I didn’t have it figured out it also wasn’t extremely shocking.

If you are in the mood for a light mystery but atmospheric read, then look no further.  This author, and this book, should be on your list.  And they’re perfect to keep a romance reader happy.



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