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“I love what Baxter had done with this series. ”
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The Untamed Vampire is a story of a magic turned Vampire who falls for a very old werewolf.  A forbidden love but love just the same. Despite the difference between Chelle and Gunner, they find a way to be together.  Of course, Baxter doesn’t make it easy for them.  It will be a rough ride before their HEA, but worth every minute of their time.

I love what Baxter had done with this series. She has been consistent with her writing.  Each story in this series has a good pace, good amount of action, steamy romance, but not overly done strong heroine, and a hero you can easily swoon over.

Yes, I swooned over Gunner.   I love a man who can rule, take over, and pretty much get his sh*t done.  He set his mind on doing his job as the Alpha of his pack, protect his mate, and he got sh*t done.  Chelle, on the other hand, is equally strong.  Both mentally, physically and magically.  It’s said that she may be the most powerful being in this realm. She’s not my favorite in the series, but I love how she carried herself.  She was pretty kickass and a good person to boot.

This series reminds me of MoonBound Clan Vampire series by Larissa Ione which I enjoyed a lot.  So, if you like those books, this series might be for you as well. This book, in particular, is the fourth book of her Last True Vampire series but not the last.  The fifth book, The Lost Vampire was released last August and I have yet to devour it.  The sixth, The Wicked VAmpire is scheduled to be released in December. Great time to catch up!




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