“If you are looking for a great pool side read that will get your heart rate going and looking over your shoulder, look no further.”
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I was beyond excited when I realized there was a new Ruth Ware book coming out.  I’ve enjoyed her thrillers in the past, I find them very atmospheric and creepy.  There’s a laid back quality to her stories and a twist that may make you think paranormal activity and keep you guessing as to what’s really going on.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, then I definitely recommend THE TURN OF THE KEY.  This book creeped me out.  Not only because of the danger and the plot but because of everything the author chose to include in the story.  Our main character is a young woman who starts off this story writing to an attorney from jail hoping that he will take on her case and defend her.  She’s being accused of the death of a child, one she was a nanny for.  These letters to the lawyer explain everything that happened.

The house she goes to work at is in a remote location in Scotland.  As soon as she takes on the job the couple that hired her have to leave for work and she’s left alone with the children in this super SMART house.  This is where my creeped out feeling began.  The concept of a smart house is obviously not new but I’ve always found it a bit intrusive in some ways and seeing things happening it just sent chills down my spine.  It also constantly made me question what was really going on, and which child is ultimately the one that died.

My one complaint with this story is the pacing at first.  It does take a while to suck you on and get you turning the pages, which made reading this book take a little longer than I was expecting.  I have noticed some of that with other Ruth Ware books, she’ll take her time sucking you in.  But once that happens you can’t read fast enough.  This book definitely followed that formula.

If you are looking for a great pool side read that will get your heart rate going and looking over your shoulder, look no further.  I literally couldn’t fall asleep one night.  And I also didn’t have the twist in the end figured out.  At all.  So great job on surprising me in the end, even if maybe the ending wasn’t quite as satisfying as I wanted it to be.



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