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“Fans of The Hollows series, THE TURN is another can’t be missed novel by Kim Harrison!”
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It’s no secret that I’ve been a huge fan of this series, and I admit, I’ve missed the characters so much since the series came to an end.  As much as I was very happy with how the series ended, on such a high note and without dragging the plot, I was extremely giddy to be getting more from this world.  While THE TURN didn’t give us Rachel Morgan, it was just as amazing as any of the previous novels in this world had been.  A page turner from the moment I started.

This story centers around Trisk, and Trent.  If you don’t know, they are both elves.  Ruled by their society and traditions while Trisk has been trying to have more of a role in her field of work (it is the 1960s after all) and Trent has been her lifelong nemesis.  The actions they take during this story sent the world as they knew it out of control.  While taking a peak at their relationship was an interesting look back.  It was so very nice to get to know more about Trisk and it really made me admire her!

Fans of The Hollows series, THE TURN is another can’t be missed novel by Kim Harrison!  While this is actually a prequel, detailing how The Turn actually happened causing the human world to know about supernatural beings and ban tomatoes, if you are new to the series I would recommend you wait until you’ve actually read the series and read this in the order it was released.  You’ll enjoy it so much more!  Why, you may ask?  I think knowing what this story will tell you about the characters involved will be a disservice to how the actual first few books should make you feel about them.  So that’s my suggestion.

Kim Harrison continues being one of my favorite urban fantasy authors.  Her ability to creative vivid, complex and imperfect characters while weaving such a magical tale sucks me in every time.  No matter what.  I wasn’t sure how THE TURN was going to be, but I should’ve just trusted her completely.  It was riveting, interesting and eye opening.  As much as I thought I would struggle without Rachel and Jenks being included, there was not one page where I felt anything was missing as I was reading.  Excellent job!  And as happy as I was to revisit them, is it bad to hope that we can get even more in the future?  I just can’t let go.




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