“…I found myself slowly drudging through this book just wanting to finally reach the end.”
~ Under the Covers

Being a perpetual wallflower isn’t all that fun, so three friend Helene Fitzgerald, Madelene Valmeyer, and Adele Edmundson have made a pact, to do all they can to make this season a success. So far it seems to have worked and Adele has helped them make a splash in society with the design of her dresses and managed to get engaged to a man she loves. However, Madelene doesn’t think she will have the same success, painfully shy and downtrodden by her father and step mother, the only thing she seems to have in her favour is her massive amounts of money. But, Benedict Pelham, second son and artist sees her, he seems to see the very core of who she wants to be. Can both of them see beyond their pasts and finally find happiness?

I enjoyed the first book in this series, it was fun and seemed to be the start of a great adventure for the three friends, Adele, Madeleneand Helene. However, this book seems to have slowed it all down to a bit of a maudlin pace. Unfortunately this wasn’t something I enjoyed quite so much as the first book, in fact I found myself slowly drudging through this book just wanting to finally reach the end.

Honestly, I found this book a little boring, at first I sympathised with Madelene’s shyness and her despicable family, but in the end I found both her and Benedict self doubts and general faffing around very irritating. I just wanted the story to move along, instead there was a lot of internal monologue expounding on their woes and in the end it left more exasperated that emphatic.

But, I did enjoy the first book in this series and I am interested in reading the final book about Helene, the very practical, straightforward and plain spoken of the group of friends, so although this book wasn’t something I enjoyed, I do plan on reading the next book. I do feel a little disappointed however, as I normally enjoy books about the shy wallflower finally finding the perfect man for her, sadly the characters didn’t pique my interest enough for me to feel truly invested in their outcome.

Like I said, I will read the next book in the series, but this book didn’t quite hit the spot.



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