“Ms. McQuiston has a talent for weaving stories that you want to get wrapped up in.  THE SPINSTER’S GUIDE TO SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOR did exactly that.”
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When the first book in this series came out, I’ll admit I picked it up because the cover captivated me.  And then I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it that I had to put Jennifer McQuiston in my historical romance auto-buy list.

This second book in the Seduction Diaries is, as the first one, an unconventional couple in an unconventional setting.  I think that’s what draws me in from the start.  Lucy Westmore has made up her mind that her future lies in spinsterhood.  She knows it can be done as her aunt lived a good and happy life as a spinster and she will follow in her footsteps.  Right down to the fact she inherited her aunt’s cottage and diary.  But Lucy isn’t the only one that wants the cottage for herself.  Lord Thomas Branston left behind a society life of horrors after his sisters death.  He found refuge in Cornwall village and with the help of Lucy’s aunt he quit his drinking addiction.  He also knows the real value of Heathmore Cottage and wants to buy it for himself, as his lifelong quest and to keep him away from London and its temptations.

Right from the start, Lucy and Thomas are in each others’ ways in accomplishing their lifelong dreams.  They are both resigned to a life of loneliness but trying to find the happiness in that lifestyle.  Their personalities, however, play perfectly on each other.  Lucy is headstrong and stubborn and I couldn’t help but love her from the start.  As she slowly peels back the layers that Thomas guards deep, we slowly fall for him as well.  The chemistry is perfect, the banter is lighthearted and makes this book an enjoyable experience.

Ms. McQuiston has a talent for weaving stories that you want to get wrapped up in.  THE SPINSTER’S GUIDE TO SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOR did exactly that.  It was everything I wanted to see in fun historical romance and I didn’t want to put it down.  I fell for both the main characters, as well as the town and townfolk.  It’s full of the charm of country living and small town meddling.  I’m ready for the next one!




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  1. The cover is gorgeous! I am a fan of Jennifer’s from way back. LOL. I have this on my reading list for after the holidays! Glad you loved it!