“Rachel Higginson is becoming one of my go to authors for slow burn romances…”
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I was excited about this book from the moment we knew it was coming out.  Even without really knowing who it was about.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t look at blurb/teasers to even know who the hero would be so I was pleasantly surprised when I cracked this book open because of how opposites these two really are.

Dillon Baptiste is Ezra’s younger half sister.  She was working in Wyatt’s kitchen in the last book and I loved seeing her carefree and fun attitude.  She’s just a ball of energy!  And I was really looking forward to seeing her grow more as a character in this book.  This starts out with Ezra offering her the Executive Chef position at his struggling restaurant Bianca.  And while she’s having a freak out moment over the fact she’s not ready yet to take that on, Vann Delane (Vera’s very tight laced brother) is the one that throws down the challenge she needs to take that step even if it’s just to prove him wrong.  From there, he manages to be the one there to save her time and time again and pushing her to be better.

Dillon and Vann couldn’t be more different.  Vann is all about calm and order and Dillon had this nervous energy about her.  As the book progresses and we start seeing that she was much different just six years ago before going to culinary school, my heart started sinking.  I knew there would be something dark coming and while I think the author handled it very well in my opinion, I also think it may be a little triggering.  One particular scene towards the end especially.  From my side, my heart really felt for her and I was even more impressed at what she made of her life all on her own without seeking any support.  I was also really happy that she has Vann because he’s exactly that rock solid safe ground she needs.  He was just perfection and the two of them worked for me.

THE SOMETHING ABOUT HER has great chemistry, great friends and great emotion.  I loved the ups and down we went with these characters, in Dillon’s personal struggles and their relationship as well.  And I really enjoyed the found family aspect as we get to see more of the whole crew interacting together.  Rachel Higginson is becoming one of my go to authors for slow burn romances and this was just another great example of that.


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