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For those who may have come across one of my reviews highlighting one of the amazing works by Kristen Ashley it should come as no surprise that I sang happy happy joy joy when The Slow Burn appeared on my kindle. I often, or always really, rave about the many works of the great KA. What has me so excited is that The Slow Burn is the second and last book in the Moonlight and Motor Oil series.

Often, I think that to those for whom Kristen Ashley is a new-to-you author, the entwining of characters and series amongst her extensive and wonderful backlist must seem overwhelming. The Moonlight and Motor Oil Series provides the perfect opportunity to open yourself up to the wonders of the word weaving magical talents of Kristen Ashley with just 2 volumes. As they are standalones you do not need to read anything else. I warn you after you take the dive into this series you will be grateful there are so many wonderful releases on her backlist available to continue your new found love affair.

The Slow Burn features the story of Tobias and Adeline. He is a hero to warm the soul and you will fall in love with him and even more the way he loves Adeline, baby Brooks, and all of those who are fortunate to be part of his inner circle. Adeline is a strong woman, mother, sister, lover who will have you rooting for her happiness upon first glance. The Slow Burn is heartwarming, sexy and sweet; it is just EVERYTHING THAT AN AWESOME ROMANCE should be. The Gamble brothers are so very delicious. I should also say its an exceptional example of many types of love stories. Love amongst your family, your friends, your soulmate. To be loved by a Gamble man or a Forrester woman is to be oh so blessed.

At the end of my review of The Hook Up, the first book in the Moonlight and Motor Oil Series, I wondered how long Ms. Ashley would make us wait for Toby and Addie’s story, all I can say is it was SO WORTH THE WAIT! Thank you, KA, for another wonderful love, fun, and sexy, filled ride. You hit all the marks and still so many books and years later your words still give me all the feels and delight my soul.

As always, I am leaving a link to Kristen Ashley’s website and reading order list. Anyone who has been hesitating taking the jump, just close your eyes and leap, you will be oh so happy that you did.


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