“It was just very short and under delivered.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve come to really enjoy this series by Sabrina Jeffries and I was excited to get this story because I’ve become intrigued about Hart’s character in the previous books I’ve read.  I’ve also enjoyed Ms. Jeffries’ shorter stories so I went into this expecting to really like this.  And in the end, it’s not that it wasn’t enjoyable.  It was just very short and under delivered.

Hart wanted to marry Anne when he was a young man but she was only sixteen and her father refused.  After that he shipped off to war and upon his return he was never able to find Anne again.  She was the only woman he ever saw himself marrying and he’s become a permanent bachelor because of that.  If he can’t have Anne, he won’t have anyone.  Until he literally stumbles across her at a family party.

I know second chance stories are usually my fave for a novella because the background is already there, but I still like to get to know the details a bit more.  And when things went south in the past, I want that reconnection now to make sense and not just quickly push everything under the rug.  There’s years of anger and resentment to work through!  In the end, this didn’t feel believable to me and it made me a bit angry because I wanted more for Hart.  I liked Anne as well so I really just wanted this story to be fleshed out more.  Drag their current situation a bit more so I could really see their feelings blossom and maybe show us more about their past instead of a methodical story that was easily explained in a few paragraphs.

While this wasn’t my favorite story, it was extremely short so it made for an entertaining bedtime story and I will definitely be reading more from this series.


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  1. I don’t mind Novella’s as long as their wrapped up right,ty! For your review fr! Shared on all my socials!!