“I love the way her [Elizabeth Michels] writing is so fluid is really just a pleasure to read.”
~ Under the Covers

I always look forward to cracking open an Elizabeth Michels book because I love the way her writing is so fluid is really just a pleasure to read.  In THE REBEL HEIR we meet Ash who is a con artist seeking revenge from the one man who took everything from his family when he was still very young.  It just so happens to be that that man is the father of the one woman he seems to be unable to stay away from.  Even though she knows he is not who he pretends to be.   The storyline in this book is actually parallel to book one so we see a few of those events from a different perspective than what we saw before.

The heroine, Lady Evangeline, we met in Desperately Seeking Suzanna.  She’s always done what her mother wants of her, trying to conform to the rules of society so she can achieve the marriage her mother thinks best for her.  It was fun to see her in a new light and with a hero that definitely ruffled a few of her feathers and got her to let loose.  I mean, she didn’t even know her favorite flavor of ice cream!  The poor girl!  So I think the pairing was perfect.  Ash’s light and fun ways got her to open up and Evangeline got under Ash’s skin.

But somewhere along the line the book dragged a bit for me in the pacing, which is why I’m not rating this higher.  I love the concept of this series which focuses on the untitled second and third sons, and I loved Evangeline and Ash together in this one.  But, even while I’ve enjoyed both books in this series, something has been missing to captivate me quite like the Tricks of the Ton series did.  Nevertheless, there’s a few more characters I’m looking forward to reading more about and I’ll be looking forward to the next installment in this series!




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