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“Crazy. Funny. Sexy.”
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How does it compare to book 1 in the series?

Suzanne: That’s a hard question, I think I liked the first book more than this one, the first book The Virgin Romance Novelist felt fresh and new. It was a funny concept that I was happy to read and laugh along with, this one went along more or less similar lines, only rather than new fresh, it was getting a little worn out.
Francesca: I do think it kept the main essence that I liked from the first one.  I wasn’t looking for fresh and new but I wanted it to keep the same spirit and it did that!  Happy to report!  The jokes were still funny without going to the gross level some of the funny romances lately have been heading in.  It’s what I like to call a classy humorous read!  Even though I still find the first one to be better and funnier, this one stands a close second.

What was your favorite scene in this book?

Suzanne: My favourite scene had me in stitches of laughter. Rosie has a few errr issues with some Ben Wa balls…and then a wardrobe malfunction and a wicked case of verbal diarrhea. Hilarious!
Francesca: OMG I have two.  The same Ben Wa balls scene because…. that was so freaking funny!!!!  And then the vajazzle incident.  Jump! Jump! Too freaking funny!

Favourite character?

Suzanne: Sir Licksalot. The vicious cat the Rosie just can’t seem to shake off.
Francesca: Henry.  I do have a crush on him.  He’s not only book boyfriend perfect, but just perfect.  The kind of guy I wish I could have in my life.  Wait… I kind of do already… but… HENRY is adorable and loveable!  Sir Licksalot comes in at a close second though.

How would you sum this book up in 3 words?

Suzanne: Crazy. Funny. Sexy.
Francesca: So much fun!

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