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“THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY was a fun and entertaining ride from beginning to end.”
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I started reading Joanna Shupe in late 2018 and I’ve come to really enjoy her stories.  The characters and setting make her historical romances stand out and leave me looking forward to the next one.  THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY is the second in the Uptown Girls series and the heroine is the sister of the heroine in the first book.  Another thing to note is the timeline of this book.  It’s actually parallel to the events in the first book, just giving us a glimpse at what these two characters were up to while the first couple was falling in love.  I really liked that as it also filled in some of the gaps from the previous book.

Florence Greene is determined to not let society dictate what her future should look like.  She doesn’t want to marry and her goal is to go into business for herself by opening a casino for women.  For that she needs to be trained by the best in the business and she brazenly propositions the owner of The Bronze House to tutor her.  Clayton Maddens built a fortune from nothing and now runs one of the most exclusive gambling houses in the city.  It cost him a lot of blood, sweat and tears and the one thing that has kept him going is his desire for revenge against the man who destroyed his family when he was a young boy, Duncan Greene.

From the very beginning I loved both characters.  Florence is fierce and a total badass of her time.  She knows what she wants for herself and isn’t afraid to go out and get it, no matter what society may think.  I absolutely adored her!  And then there’s Clayton.  He’s so rugged and when I thought he could take an opportunity and weave a tale and a lie, he actually was refreshingly straightforward and mostly honest.  I wasn’t expecting that and I really appreciated his character for it.

THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY was a fun and entertaining ride from beginning to end.  I can’t wait what the next installment in this series will bring.


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