In The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands, Avelyn and Paen’s sweet romance is packed with hilarious mishaps and a dash of mystery. Their slapstick adventures make for a delightful, heartwarming read!

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The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands

The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands

June 3, 2010

Read this if you want:

  • Medieval England
  • Arranged marriage
  • Plain Jane fat heroine

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Avelyn is worried about her upcoming marriage with Paen, afraid that he will look at her and be disgusted by her over large body. Of course this isn’t the case, Paen thinks she is quite beautiful and is eager to start married life. However, a series of calamities befall Avelyn, making her appear foolish and clumsy, plummeting her self esteem to new lows. But is there more to these series of accidents then what meets the eye? Maybe…

This isn’t the first time I have read this book, I first read it about 5 years ago, but I decided I needed something would put a smile on my face, so picked it up again. It was mission accomplished because as expected The Perfect Wife was both sweet and funny, which was just what I needed.

Avy, already nervous about her marriage keeps finding herself in very embarrassing, yet hilarious, situations, which aren’t helped by the adorable yet a little clueless Paen, her new husband. The almost slapstick comedy compels you to read on to see what calamitous situation Paen and Avy land themselves into next. The romance between the couple is sweet and fairly uncomplicated and I enjoyed reading every moment.

If you wants something easy to read and relax with on a cold night, than pick this up, it’s heart warming and bound to leave you on a smile on your face.

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  1. Great! I do need an easy book once in awhile, especially when I am having trouble getting invested in a book. I know I have a bunch of Lynsay Sands books, so I will check & see if I have this one.