“Harrison has always written smart heroines but Peri really is an amazing one.”
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I thought this book would never come! After a short stint where I wasn’t sure this series was going to continue, I’m glad Kim Harrison got the chance to continue what she started in the first book of the series, THE DRAFTER.

This Peri Reed Chronicles series is vastly different from The Hollows. First off, it’s not Urban Fantasy, not really anyway. It’s more Sci Fi oriented, but I wouldn’t put it past Harrison to include some UF bits here and there because that’s what she does best.

Our heroine, Peri, has quite a lot going on in her life. She’s an ex-agent on the run, so you can just imagine the stuff she’s got trailing after her. Peri is a refreshing character because she’s quite practical. Although this series is far from being your typical Mystery, to me, it does have some characteristics of a good mystery and I feel like Peri’s character would very much fit in that genre as well. Despite all the twists and turns everywhere, she’s quite the level-headed and she thinks things out as best she can. I really like that about her character. Harrison has always written smart heroines but Peri really is an amazing one.

If you’re a fan of Richelle Mead’s Gameboard of the Gods series, then you’re absolutely going to fall in love with this one. I definitely sense that Harrison can go far with this new series.



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  1. I read the drafter and couldn’t even believe it was the same author as the hollows. It was choppy and I couldn’t connect with the characters at all.