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“…this HEA pushes us to think of acceptance, forgiveness and love.”
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Reading a book in this series is never an easy experience.  These are all broken and damaged people hopefully getting a little peace and love to help soothe their souls.  They’ve been through so much and they deserve it.  Taryn is one that deserves it the most.  She lost her sister the night of the school shooting and she’s dedicated her life to helping make that right.  There’s a secret she’s kept close and a guilt she’s been carrying.  Her family has also made it her mission to help create a program that will identify problem kids and get them the help they need.  So basically her whole life has revolved around that incident, that guilt.  Every day, she’s put her wants and dreams aside.  She bottled up that teenager she was and she became this new and subdued Taryn.

It seems ironic that the person that helps her reconnect with who she really was and helps her break out from that shell and free her spirit is the ONE person she shouldn’t be around.  As the blurb already mentions it, the hero Shaw is the brother of the shooter.  His brother killed her sister.  He’s been living with the guilt about what happened and how he felt he played a part in it.  He’s been living with the constant media circus and scrutiny because everyone associated with him must’ve been bad too.  At first, and for a while, I had a hard time wrapping my head around how they could work in the long term.  Chemistry and love is one thing but having to face the world with all that baggage between them is not going to be an easy thing.

I think one of the issues I liked the most was the fact that Ms. Loren shows us the other side of the coin.  The victims and survivors are not only the ones that survived the attacked.  What about the family of the shooter?  What experiences and guilt they carry?  I was glad to see this explored and the fact that we have this HEA pushes us to think of acceptance, forgiveness and love.

All that being said… Shaw Miller is just deliciously sexy and the chemistry he has with Taryn is undeniable.  This one is probably right up there with the first one in how intense it was, but emotional and gut-wrenching.  I devoured this story and I can’t wait for the next one.



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  1. Great review, Francesca! I agree wholeheartedly. It was interesting to see the dynamics between Taryn and Shaw develop and I loved that Loren explored the other side of the coin as well. I thought she handled their story pretty well and really liked this one too.

    Happy New Year, guys!

  2. I read aftermath by kelley armstrong which has a similar backstory. It’s interesting reading what happens to families from both sides.