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Similar to Chupeco’s Bone Witch Trilogy, the world-building is complex.
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Twin Goddesses, Haidee and Odessa have been raised knowing the other sibling is dead but each destined to certain fates and the world’s survival will be the downfall of one and a raise of the other. Together they will attempt the odds and break the rules. 

I’m not sure whose idea to mention that Never Tilting World is Frozen meets Mad Max but I disagree. Other than the story of two estranged sisters and maybe some ice similarities, this book is nowhere close to the Disney theme Frozen. I do agree that it has The Last Airbender plus Mad Max survival vibe to the story. The story is full of magic, monsters, a post-apocalyptic feel to it and a hint of romance. I enjoyed both sisters and their journey to save their world. Though I’ll be honest, I looked forward to reading more of Arjun and Haidee. They have the I’m-to-proud-to-admit-I-like-you kind of relationship in the beginning but you see right through them.  In contrast, Odessa and Lan’s relationship has a tug-a-war theme. Their forbidden love just took a big toll on everything. You can also see the difference between Haidee and Odessa and possibly predict who they will become in this series. I’ll take my pick now, Haidee will be the better half.  

Similar to Chupeco’s Bone Witch Trilogy, the world-building is complex.   The macic, the broken world and the prophecy were all very fascinating, so is the portrayal of an afterworld that lacked natural resources. It made me think of our own world’s deterioration.  My only complaint is that there were parts of this world that took me a bit to understand. Not that I want info dump but little more explanation of the surroundings and certain terms would’ve helped me personally. I like to feel, see, smell the story’s surroundings as if I am in the story myself but I didn’t feel that here.  Overall, it was a good read. I’m looking forward to see where the story will go.


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