“There were things about this book I enjoyed a lot, some that didn’t stand out, and some that missed the mark.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve read Cathy Maxwell before and when I saw she had a new series I wanted to give it a try.  Even though her books in the past have been hit or miss.  The premise of this book sounded fun.  The heroine, Elin, grew up next door and was basically promised in marriage to one of their sons, a future Duke.  But she then fell in love with the younger brother, Ben.  Their relationship developed early on and she thought they would be together until one day he just left.  She’s resigned herself to marrying his brother, doing what her family expects of her and bringing a title to their family, and being a good wife.  Until Ben comes back.

There were things about this book I enjoyed a lot, some that didn’t stand out, and some that missed the mark.  The story is original and the book has that light and fluffy quality that I tend to like at times in my historical romances.  And as much as the characters were good there were still things that kept me from diving in completely.  I didn’t like dragging the Duke, Gavin, along.  He’s such a nice guy that I can’t help but be a little upset about him not getting the girl.

In terms of the romance between Ben and Elin, I liked the basis of their relationship and that they have been best friends since childhood.  They share an undeniable connection.  But I thought there could’ve been more.  The fact that I didn’t he fought hard enough to have her in his life.  Then and now.  But then at the end of the story it’s sort of an easy resolution.  I wanted more from this.

I will continue this series because the next book IS about the Duke and I just have to see him get a fun HEA.




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  1. I’ve read other books of hers, not overly impressed but I liked it enough to pass the time and maybe try another one. I am into more serious histo fiction with the romance. Edward Webster’s Soul of Toledo is my current read, very serious and thought provoking. When I am done with it I will need a read like Maxwell’s maybe.