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Rip and Cat’s story is a good addition to the series…”
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Rip has earned the right to be a full partner at Windsor Winery. He has single handedly save it from financial troubles and he has worked his ass off from the bottom up.  Unfortunately, Rip’s mentor has other plans. His daughter who has been away for years has first dibs to the ownership of the winery.  Rip won’t let anything get in his way though. He has worked too hard to let a dead beat daughter who could care less for the winery get what he rightfully deserves.  Of course, he doesn’t anticipate the daughter being more than what he expected.

Cat was unaware of the misfortunes that fell on their family winery, but she is back and she will not let some man take her dad’s winery away from her. .  He will be proven wrong. Unfortunately, his dad has stipulations before had hands it over.

I was excited to hear about this novella.  I followed this series from the start and loved each book. Not only that we get a new story that is touched by The Book of spells, we get to see the rest of the characters from the previous books. I adore them all.  

Rip and Cat’s story is a good addition to the series., though I didn’t rate it as good as the rest.  Don’t get me wrong, Marriage of Arrangement had a fun and sweet story perfect for a good for summer/weekend read.  Unfortunately, there was an instalove that I’m sure was unavoidable due to its overall sort length. Please don’t let this put you off in checking out the series I promise it would be worth your while especially if you like contemporary books.  


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  1. I loved this series! I got the book, so may be doing a reread of them all! Thanks for the review.