“On paper, I should’ve loved this.  The execution?  Well, it was just okay for me with a few issues.”
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I’ve been on my quest to find new books, authors and series to get me excited again and I thought THE LEOPARD KING had the markings of everything I was looking for from the moment I saw the cover and then read the blurb.  I love shifter stories and I don’t think there are as many as I would like out there.  This book starts off with our heroine, who is latent and can’t shift, going up to find the alpha who had retired away to sort of die after the death of his mate.  Her task, assigned to her by her lifelong crush, was to bring the Alpha back before a Peace assembly of different races.  Of course, from there mayhem ensues along with political intrigue and even some explosions.  On paper, I should’ve loved this.  The execution?  Well, it was just okay for me with a few issues.

I don’t want to give spoilers away but I will say that I was not totally happy with the setup of how our hero and heroine get together and the loose ends from their past are quickly swept under the rug as if they weren’t such big deals.  Hard to explain more than that, but I kept getting annoyed throughout the book.  I wanted either better resolutions for those obstacles to the HEA, or just a different storyline that didn’t involve those specific romantic issues in the backstory.  So overall, this was my biggest issue with the book and why I didn’t end up liking the main characters.

The intrigue aspect was interesting but I think the pacing was a bit slow for me.  I didn’t think the storyline flowed easily for me to continue being interested and found myself putting this down quite a bit.

I do have a small interest in finding out what happens next, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to make me pick up the next book.  I think I’ll see how I feel when it comes out.  As of right now, it’s not one I need to rush to get nor am I left thinking about these characters.




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  1. I read this book recently too. I agree with some of your points but I found that I got so wrapped up in the world surrounding the main characters it kept me reading. Though like you unless it pops up as a recommendation I doubt I will actively watch for the next book.