“… it had some great twists in it and it kept you guessing about the culprit until the end.”
~ Under the Covers

When Emily Mills finds a man lynched in his home with his wife viciously stabbed in her bed she realises it has eerie echoes of a another murder she discovered 20 years before. Her father’s. Emily’s family has not been the same since. Her mother committed suicide not long after, and her eldest sister took off and hasn’t been seen since. Now the new murder is bringing ghosts back from her past and things she would rather forget. But with a killer on the loose Emily may have to face some of the secrets she’s been hiding from. The murder has also brought FBI Special Agent Zander Wells to the small town, determined to solve the case. He never expected the mutual attraction to Emily Wells. But, as he delves deeper in to the secrets of the small town, he realises that Emily has some secrets of her own.

If I want to read a thriller/mystery/suspense novel there are a few authors I know I can rely on: Melinda Leigh, JD Robb and Kendra Elliot. So, when I saw she was starting a new series, it may see odd that I had a mixed panic/excitement reaction. The panic was because Elliot has a great backlist of interconnected series. They all standalone as series, but side characters in these series tend to get one of their own. And, as someone who hates reading anything out of order, including a series of series, I wanted to know where Zander Wells came from before I dived in.

Did I find out what series he came from before I dived in? No. Did it stop me from thoroughly enjoying this book? Also no. But, did I find out what series he originally hales from after I have finished The Last Sister? Hell, yes. He is a side character in the Callahan & McLane series – which I HIGHLY recommend and will be reviewing soon.

The Last Sister focussed on two things, the romance between Zander and Emily and solving the murders. Firstly, the murders. I loved the thriller element to this book, it had some great twists in it and it kept you guessing about the culprit until the end. It also moved along at a fairly fast pace as it entwines the growing connection between Zander and Emily, the investigation and the slow reveal of Emily’s past and the secrets she’s hiding.

As for the romance, although I like the natural way it developed. Both Zander and Emily were very likable characters and in hindsight, now that I have read some of the Callahan and McLane series and have a more detailed backstory, it makes me like it even more. If you won’t something smoking hot, this isn’t your book, but I liked the growing respect and attraction that develops as the book progressed.

Another great read by Kendra Elliot and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.


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