“I like Bennett’s writing and the characters she creates, it’s just this one was a very slow starter. “
~ Under the Covers

Having a treasure hunting father has its perks. At least it used to. Now 16 year old Theodora finds herself stranded in a hotel whilst her father goes off on his latest adventure. This time though he hasn’t come back. Left only with his diary and the infuriating Huck, the boy who brook her heart, the duo set off on an adventure of their own to find him. But, her father’s latest treasure, the ring of Vlad Dracul aka Vlad the Impaler, takes them down a dark and dangerous path, one that none of them may survive.

A book with a young female Indiana Jones type and some Dracula lore? Why, yes please, sign me up. Especially as it is by Jenn Bennett, an author I first started reading this year and have, so far, enjoyed all her work. Lady Rogue however, wasn’t quite the success I wanted it to be.

I was expecting, and hoping for, a fast paced action story with hints of magic and romance. But, what I found was a book with a very unsteady and plodding pace, although the hints of magic and romance were there. Lady Rogue fell into the trap of having a very slow build to a very exciting last 5-10% of the book. The remainder of the book was Theo and Huck having a lacklustre second chance type romance. Theo and Huck had grown up together and fallen in love before the events of the book, but as we didn’t actually see any of this, we were just told it happened, I wasn’t feeling the spark between them.

I did enjoy the mythology and the magic that was revealed in this book, I just wish the book was paced better so that it was exciting all the way through rather than just right at the very end. I could see this being the beginning of a series where Theo and the gang travel around the world looking for treasure with Theo and Huck’s relationship being explored further with the series. If that’s the case I would read the next book as I like Bennett’s writing and the characters she creates, it’s just this one was a very slow starter.

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  1. I loved her Arcadia Bell series which did start slow as well. However, I think I’ll wait and see if this is the beginning of the series you described before I try it.