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“THE KISS QUOTIENT is definitely a feel good romance you need to put on your summer TBR.”
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Sometimes I see a cover and I just know that I need to read a book.  That’s what happened with THE KISS QUOTIENT.  This is the debut novel by Helen Hoang and I knew nothing about it when the cover was released but I knew I had to read it.  I was expecting this book to be a cute/sweet contemporary romance and it delivered more than that.

Our heroine, Stella, is a very successful and smart woman that has learned to live her life in a way that works for her to cope with the fact she’s autistic.  Her family is pressuring her to finally get a man and get married but she has a lot of issues with intimacy and how it makes her feel.  So she decides to hire an escort to get over her fear/repulsion to touching and being touched in the hopes she can move on and have a relationship.  What wasn’t part of the plan was developing feelings for said escort.

First of all, this book is completely adorable, but it’s not just a sweet contemporary as I was expecting because of the cover.  It’s actually sexier than I was expecting but in a way that didn’t make the whole escort thing feel cheap and cheesy like I find a lot of books that revolve around that topic.  Michael is a big part of that.  I really liked his character, I liked how their relationship was about more than the physical and it was about showing Stella how to be in a relationship and interact with others.  Michael was the perfect person to do that for her even when he didn’t know what the reasons behind her issues were.

Both Michael and Stella are characters you’ll fall in love with and care for from the very beginning until the end.  They have their own issues to work through aside from their relationship.  I enjoyed how well rounded the story was and also how diverse as this is a glimpse into the Vietnamese culture and community.

THE KISS QUOTIENT is definitely a feel good romance you need to put on your summer TBR.  I cannot wait to read more from this author.



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  1. I literally got the hardback in the mail today. I belong to the Book of the Month club (no seriously) and it was the book I picked. Can’t wait to start reading it.