“I expected to really like this book when I started…and I wasn’t disappointed”
~ Under the Covers

In The King’s Spinster Bride Ruby Dixon has branched out and given us a short fantasy romance. However, although the setting is different to the usual ice planet or post-apocalyptic Earth we still have Dixon’s adorable alpha male to fall in love with. Mathior, our hero is a one eyed barbarian king who knows exactly who is bride is going to be. Halla is an exiled princess, her kingdom having been conquered by the barbarians. She has spent the last 16 years living quietly in a convent…bored. Until Mathior arrives and changes everything.

I expected to really like this book when I started…and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a sexy read featuring an older woman and a younger man. The story went along the expected lines but that didn’t stop me enjoying it. I don’t usually read books where there is a noticeable age gap between the heroine and hero, so I especially liked that aspect of the story.

This was a short read, but featured a really sweet romance between a younger one eyed barbarian king and an older exiled princess (who still had both her eyes).


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