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Byrne has created a darkly sensual and gripping read with characters that I am not likely to forget.”
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This is my first book by Kerrigan Byrne and by golly it won’t be my last, which makes me glad that this is the third book in her Victorian Rebels series. I now have two other books that I can immediately get my hands on and devour. In The Highlander Byrne has created a darkly sensual and gripping read with characters that I am not likely to forget.
When I first started this book, I’m not too sure what I expected, I think in the back of my mind I was expecting a light hearted romance, maybe a little cute, after all it did involve the heroine looking after the hero’s children. So, when I started and the heroine is in an insane asylum and it looks like something truly awful is going to happen to her, after months and years of having truly awful things happening to her…well I was shocked. And intrigued. And couldn’t put the book down.
But, let’s move on to what will normally make or break a book for romance readers. The hero. And with Liam, the Demon Highlander we have a winner. I’m not normally a fan of the dark broody hero, yet something about Liam tugged on my heart strings. Perhaps it was the way he so earnestly wanted the best for his children without really knowing what to do. Maybe it was the way he tried to be so careful and tender with the heroine, Mina. Or was it even his big hard muscled body? More likely it was a combination of all those things, either way I was head over heels.
As much as I loved the hero, I also really like Mina, the heroine. She hasn’t had life easy recently and has suffered horrible abuse. Yet, I love how she strives to be strong, even when she is afraid. Together Liam and Mina generated enough sexual tension and heat to light up a castle. The feelings and the lust they provoke in one another is incredible, it’s like you could feel it radiating out of the page.
There was a bit of intrigue going on in the background of the book as well, which added to the air of danger and tension. This all lent to the gothic atmosphere in the book and for me made it stand out from other Historical Romances that I have read recently.
This was a fantastic book which I highly recommend you try, I am now going to go back and read the first two installments of this series and cannot wait to see what Kerrigan Byrne brings out next.




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  1. I’m glad to see you liked this one. I had a bit of a hard time with the previous books in the series. I feel like the hero-angst could have been toned down and cut about 25 pages for a smoother read. But I have to check this one out on the cover alone.

  2. Thanks for the review! I have heard a lot of good things about this author. Looking forward to reading all of he books!